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Latex Mattresses Melbourne


Adjust to a new way of life

With our Latex Mattresses Melbourne

Adjust to a new way of living with our latex mattresses melbourne


Ideal for everyone who appreciates the importance of a high quality bed, the electric adjustable base makes reading

in bed, watching TV or even working on a laptop a pleasure.

The Ideal Base for the latex mattresses melbourne


The Adjustable Posture Slat Base interacts with your latex mattresses melbourne products and contours to your body to enhance the comfort of your latex mattress. It also incorporates custom firmness adjustments in the lumber and hip zone for each sleep partner


S 91 x 190cm, 36" x 75"

QS 76 x 203cm, 30" x 80"

LS 91 x 203cm, 36" x 80"

KS 107 x 203cm, 42" x 80"

DB 137 x 190cm, 54" x 75"

Q 152 x 203cm, 60" x 80"

K 183 x 203cm, 72" x 80"


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