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Latex Mattresses Melbourne


Enjoy the natural feel

with our Latex Mattresses Melbourne

Enjoy the Natural Sleep Difference with our latex mattresses melbourne


Latex is derived through the wonder of nature by carefully extracting the precious ‘milk’ or ‘sap’ from the Hevea Brasilienis tree.


The Natural Sleep Difference with latex mattresses melbourne


We only use the best quality natural latex, in our latex mattresses melbourne

100% certified pure natural latex

No synthetic latex

No core or base foam

No Fillers, clay, silicates, sand or any other additives

Eco Certified and no harmful chemicals or substances used

State of the art manufacturing processes.


Unlike any other bedding store we don’t believe in just using foam on springs because conventional polyurethane foam typically tends to pack down and create body impressions on your mattress after only a couple of years of usage.


Synthetic polyurethane foam also sweats a lot more compared to fully aerated natural latex foam.


We believe that latex mattresses melbourne products provides you with the ultimate in comfort, support, breathability, coolness, durability, resilience, pressure relief and also totally eliminates partner disturbance. That is why every single latex mattresses melbourne bedding in our collection contains our natural latex, be it springs with latex, full latex in a choice of thicknesses and firmnesses, gel with latex or visco memory foam with latex.


We have the widest boutique range of latex sleep systems on offer in Australia.